Oroumieh Lake: Iran’s Largest Lake Northwest Of Tehran Turning To Salt (Photo)

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Oroumieh Lake
Oroumieh Lake Turning To Salt
Image Credit: AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

Oroumieh Lake, some 370 miles (600 kilometers) northwest of Tehran, Iran is turning to salt, according to several news sites reported on May 25, 2011. It was said to be the third largest saltwater lake in the world and a popular lake to migrating flamigos, gulls and pelicans.

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However, 60% of the lake was said to have shrunken and may disappear entirely in just few years, according to reports.

Business near the area and the tourism activities were said to have weakend because of this situation.

Reports said that the lake’s lack of water was caused by misguided irrigation policies, development and the damming of rivers that feed it. Drought is also one of the reasons that drained the lake.

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