Online Poker Indictment Served, FBI Seized Websites

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Online Poker
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Online Poker indictment was served to the big websites who have offered the game to online users. This is reported by international news sites, April 15, 2011. The FBI has seized the websites and stamped them with a warning:

“…conducting, financing, managing, supervising, directing or owning all or part of an illegal gambling business is a federal crime.”

The Online Poker sites are Absolute Poker, PokerStars, and Full Tilt Poker. They were indicted on money laundering, bank fraud and illegal gambling charges.

Daniel Tzvetkoff who was previously charged with the crime was released and the charges have now shifted to these big Online Poker sites.

Customers’ money “holdings” are now suspended until perhaps the resolution of the problem of these indicted Online Poker sites.

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