Olympic reporter kiss: Woman kisses Sky News Muslim reporter on live TV during Ramadan (Video)

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Girl kissing Muslim Olympic reporter on live TV
Image Credit: Sky News Arabia video

A male Muslim Olympic reporter of Sky News Arabia received a surprised kiss from a soccer female fan last week, while reporting about the London Olympics Games, as shown in the video below, which is now going viral because it became interesting as he was currently on Ramadan fasting.

The YouTube video, which was uploaded last Friday, the day of the Olympics opening ceremony and has now almost 1.5 million views, shows the unnamed Muslim reporter reporting live in Arabic language and talking to the anchorman at Sky News Arabia studio.

While the Sky News reporter is doing his duty, a blonde girl, who was later known to be a British soccer fan, appeared running from behind and offered him a kiss. He first made an attempt to resist but the girl wrapped her hand around his hand and insisted the kiss, until he gave in and she kissed him on his right cheek.

As noted in Yahoo Sports, the girl said “Thank You” before she went away running. The ashamed reporter continued his job and his colleagues started to laugh, as he smiled and later joked, “I truly am fasting,” referring to Ramadan, the holy month in which Muslims abstain from food, liquids, and even kissing.

Girl fan kisses Sky News Muslim reporter, during live TV reporting
Video Credit: Hani Ziadeh/YouTube/Sky News Arabia

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