Oldest rock art in Australia found by archaeologist, dated 28,000 years old (Photo)

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The so-called oldest rock art in Australia has been found by archaeologist Bryce Barker of the University of Southern Queensland, as shown in the photo below, which was believed to be one of the oldest rock arts in the world.

Fragments of the so-called oldest rock art
in Australia, dated 28,000 years old

Image Credit: Bryce Barker via AP

According to international news sites on Monday, June 18, 2012, Bryce Barker said he found the aboriginal rock art in Arnhem Land back in June 2011, but had it only recently dated at the University of Waikato radiocarbon laboratory in New Zealand, and was dated at 28,000 years old.

The discovery, with a report to be published in the next edition of the Journal of Archaeological Science, was reportedly made at a massive rock shelter named Narwala Gabarnmang, which is covered on its ceiling and pillars with rock art.

As noted by Barker, the ancient rock art was made with charcoal and that radiocarbon dating was used to know the age of the rock art, noting that it was “the oldest unequivocally dated rock art in Australia“. Experts said that it is only a small part and that there could be older rock arts expected to be found.

“We’ve only excavated a tiny fraction of the site and we expect there will be art older than 28,000 years in the site,” Barker was quoted at Live Science, adding that the said fragment likely fell from the rock’s ceiling shortly after it was drawn and therefore preserved in the soil.

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