Okinawa Japan election results 2010: Governor Hirokazu Nakaima re-elected

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Hirokazu Nakaima has been reelected as governor of Okinawa, Japan on Sunday’s Okinawa gubernatorial election, according to international news sites.

The governor has been opposing the presence of the Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Okinawa island. Nakaima does not agree on the Futenma base relocation, but wants it to be removed permanently. Having been elected again as governor, Nakaima now has the power to veto the relocation plan of the Futenma Base. Nakaima‘s actions has been reportedly cause strain in the Tokyo and Washington relationship.

When elected as governor in 2006, Nakaima had endorsed the relocation plan but later changed his position on the base issue.

Futenma base is located in the southern part of the Okinawa island which is a densely populated area. A joint US and Japan proposal wants the base to be transferred in the northern part of the island that is less populated.

However, northern island residents, law makers and environmentalist in Henoko are not agreeable to the relocation plan. They prefer the removal of Futenma from Okinawa which causes disruption, noise and crime in the island.

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