Ohio Sinkhole in Dover Could Grow Larger (Video)

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Ohio sinkhole photo

Ohio sinkhole
Image Credit: YouTube Screen grab

The Ohio sinkhole that collapsed a 200-foot-long stretch of land along the State Highway 516 in Dover, may continue to grow, according to local officials on Saturday, December 1, 2012.

Traffic has been closed down after the sinkhole collapsed an area compared to four football fields that stretched into the roadway. Officials say that too much load in the highway may collapse other areas.

Reports say that the sand dredging being done by Newton Asphalt Company about 50 feet below the surface may have been the cause of the sinkhole.

According to District 11 Director Lloyd McAdam, he “worked for the [Ohio Department of Transportation District] 16 years and I’ve never seen anything of this magnitude.” He added that “It’s very unusual that something like this would happen.”

McAdam explained that the Newton Asphalt Company “dredging took away the bottom of the slope and that probably eroded away and started cascading down, and just started filling the hole and filling the hole.”

Local officials are hoping that the Ohio sinkhole can be fixed in a few days. The highway remains closed indefinitely to avoid aggravating the sinkhole.

Below is a video of the 200-foot-long Ohio sinkhole in Dover.

Ohio sinkhole
Video Credit: TheSONSOFLIBERTYMC/YouTube

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