Ohio polls shows President Obama and Mitt Romney in a close race for presidency, four US surveys say

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The results of the so-called ‘Ohio polls‘ were released on Tuesday, October 9, 2012, where US President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney are in a close race, with less than a month before the US presidential election and just days after the first presidential debate, where Romney beat Obama.

Ohio polls result Obama Romney

Ohio polls result on Obama vs Romney
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According to CNN polls, which was conducted by ORC International from Friday, October 5 to Monday, October 8, 51% of likely Ohio voters said they will vote for President Obama, while 47% may vote for Romney, noting that the four point lead by Obama is within the poll’s +/- 3.5 points sampling margin of error.

As noted in the report, the Ohio polls were done to 1,020 adults, including 888 registered voters and 722 likely voters, and all of them were asked via phone; and that this latest CNN survey suggests that the result of the Oct 3 Denver debate was an advantage for Romney. Two more presidential debates will follow within this month.

“Suppose that the presidential election were being held today and you had to choose between Barack Obama and Joe Biden as the Democratic Party‘s candidates, and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as the Republican Party‘s candidates. Who would you be more likely to vote for?” CNN asked the Ohio voters.

“Independent voters, suburban voters, and older voters are all evenly divided, indicating a close race right now.” CNN Polling Director Keating Holland was quoted in the report, emphasizing that the Ohio polls do not represent the result of the November 6 election, since one in eight likely voters said they may change their minds.

Meanwhile, a third Ohio poll was conducted by the American Research Group (ARG) also released this Tuesday, where Romney had 48% of the likely voters and President Obama had 47%. A similar poll was conducted by ARG back in mid-September, where Obama had 48% and Romney had 47% votes.

Likewise, Obama and Romney, who are both now in Ohio for their respective election campaigns, also went on a very narrow margin votes based on the presidential poll conducted by NBC4, Columbus‘ local affiliate, also this Tuesday. The president had 45% of the votes and the 65-year old Republican presidential candidate.

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