Ohio escaped animals deliberately freed by owner, at least three remain at large

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The escaped animals from an Ohio farm were deliberately freed by their owner, before he killed himself, with at least three of them are still at large while others were gunned down.

“Escaped exotic animals” warning sign
at Interstate 70, Zanesville, Ohio

Image Credit: Matt Sullivan/Reuters

According to the latest update in US news sites on Wednesday, October 19, 2011, these exotic escaped animals, which were believed to have reached 50, are now down to at least three.

As reported earlier, these wild animals including lions, tigers, bears, wolves, giraffes, cheetahs, and camels, escaped from their cages and pens from Muskingum County Animal Farm last Tuesday night.

Terry Thompson, the farm owner was said to have been found dead, with Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz now telling to reports that the man killed himself after setting free these exotic animals.

“These are wild animals, wild animals that you would see on TV in Africa,” Lutz said in an earlier press interview, and advised local residents to stay at home. Several schools are now temporarily closed.

The 46-acre farm property is located at 270 Kopchak Road along Interstate 70, in Zanesville; with city Mayor Butch Zwelling telling CNN that some people are concern with the safety of the animals.

Mayor Zwelling and Sheriff Lutz said authorities hunting the escaped animals are trying to use tranquilizers whenever possible, but noted that public safety is their major concern.

“We just had a huge Benga tiger that must’ve weighed 300 pounds that was very aggressive. We got a tranquilizer in it, and this thing just went crazy.” Lutz was quoted at LA Times.

“We are not talking about your normal everyday housecat or dog. I gave the order … that if animals looked like they were on their way out, they were put down.” He added.

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