Officer Gives Ticket And $100 To Motorist To Help Him Update His Registration

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A Texas officer gave a motorist a traffic ticket and $100 bill, international news sites reported on Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

Officer Giving Traffic Ticket

Officer gives ticket (not the one mentioned in the story)
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The officer in Plano, Texas, who refused to be identified, reportedly pulled over Hayden Carlo due to an expired registration tag.

According to reports, Carlo, a father of two young kids, told the officer that he had no excuse except that he simply did not have the money.

“I said ‘there’s no explanation for why I haven’t done it, except I don’t have the money.’ I said ‘it was either feed my kids or get my registration done,'” Carlo told KTVT.

The officer then gave him a traffic ticket envelope with a $100 bill inside it, which he used to update his and his wife’s registration.

“I opened it up and there’s a 100 dollar bill. I broke down in my car — what else could I do?,” Carlo said.

“He helped me out when I needed it and I appreciate that. I’ll never forget that man. It definitely restored my faith in God,” Carlo was quoted as saying in the reports.

The officer who gives ticket and $100, though unidentified publicly, will be honored by his co-workers, reports said.

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