Ocracoke Island: National Weather Service Confirms Hurricane Irene Touchdown in the Bahamas, Ocracoke Island Evacuated

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Hurricane Irene
Image Credit: nhc.noaa.gov

Ocracoke Island has been evacuated ahead of Hurricane Irene as the National Weather Service (NWS) confirms its touchdown in the Bahamas. Irene has intensified while passing through the South Eastern Bahamas. As part of the hurricane preparedness plan and standard precaution of North Carolina, Governor Beverly Perdue has ordered the evacuation of visitors from Ocracoke Island. This was disclosed by various news sites August 24, 2011.

Hurricane Irene is expected to hit the United States this weekend, and Ocracoke Island, North Carolina would be hit directly based on Irene’s present direction.

According to the National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center, August 24:

“At 5:00 PM EDT Wednesday August 24, the location of Hurricane Irene is 23.1 °N 74.7 °W, with maximum winds sustained at 120 mph, moving Northwest at 12 mph and a minimum pressure of 954 mb.”

Ocracoke Island is a part of North Carolina’s Outer Banks and the evacuation was done as Hurricane Irene intensified in the Bahamas and labeled by NWS as a “dangerous” hurricane.

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