Obama zombie photo criticized, Republicans apologize, official resigns

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A photo showing US President Barack Obama as zombie surfaced over the Halloween weekend, and was strongly criticized by Republican Party of Virginia.


Halloween party invitation, showing President
Obama as zombie (Click Image To Enlarge)

Image Credit: LCRC/Too Conservative.com

The Obama zombie photo, as shown below, was first revealed online by Too Conservative blog on Monday, October 31, 2011, which described it as “disgusting and shameful”.

The photo titled ‘Halloween 2011‘, which include an image of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi as zombie, was sent via email by the Loudoun County Republican Committee to their supporters as an invitation to a Halloween party.

“The disgusting image used today on a mass e-mail has no place in our politics. Ever,” Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins was quoted in a statement. “The Republican Party of Virginia condemns the image and its use in the strongest possible terms.”

Meanwhile, Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) chairman Mark Sell released a statement of apology but noted that it was a Halloween joke and not intended to hurt anyone.

“Nothing could be further from the truth, and we deeply and sincerely apologize to the president and anyone who viewed the image if that was the impression that was left.” Mr. Sell said, as posted at Washington Post on Tuesday.

“The LCRC deplores any effort to display, suggest or promote violence against the president or any other political figure.” The chairman added, noting that it is only an attempt to project humor during Halloween.

According to USNews.com, Robert Jesionowski, the Loudoun County communications committee chairman who sent the image, resigned from his position on Monday.

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