Obama wants Rep Wasserman Schultz to lead DNC, Gov Tim Kain quits as Head to run for Senator

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US President Barack Obama wants Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to lead Democratic National Committee (DNC), as Governor Tim Kaine quits as head and will run for Senator on 2012.

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Governor Tim Kaine file photo

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According to US news sites on Tuesday, April 5, 2011, Vice President Joe Biden sent an email to Democratic Party supporters, saying that President Obama has chosen Florida Rep Wasserman Schultz to be the next DNC head.

The President was said to have commended her tenacity, strength, and fighting spirit, as well as for the ability to overcome adversity.

President Obama expressed great admiration for her as a leader, and he was honored that she accepted this important challenge on behalf of the Democratic Party,” VP Biden‘s message was quoted as reading.

Wasserman Schultz, 44, a breast cancer survivor, is known to be the youngest woman to be elected to state House when she won Florida State House of Representatives at the age of 26.

Once approved by the party, she will be the third woman to be DNC head, with Jean Westwood in 1972 and Debra DeLee in 1994-95.

Meanwhile, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine stepped down as DNC head also on Tuesday, and announced his intention to run for senator in 2012 US election.

Timothy M. Kaine, 53, posted on Twitter, “I’m running” on Tuesday, along with a YouTube video highlighting his track record as a politician, from being a Richmond City Council member, mayor, and now as Virginia Governor.

If elected, Kaine will be continuing the services of fellow Democratic Senator James Webb, who announced on February that he will not seek for reelection in 2012.

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