Obama vs Spider-Man: President Obama caught in Spider-Man’s web inside the White House (Photo)

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US President Barack Obama was caught in Spider-Man‘s web, as shown in the photo below. Obama, who was earlier named as People of the Year 2012 by Time magazine, recently played with kids inside the White House and was spotted pretending to be captured by a kid dressed as Spider-Man.

“Photo of the day: President Obama gets caught in Spider-Man‘s web.” A statement reads at the official Twitter and Facebook accounts of Barack Obama on Wednesday, December 19, 2012. The photo of the president playing with a kid wearing a Spider-Man was taken by Pete Souza, official White House photographer.

As noted at Time.com, the Obama vs Spider-Man photo, which is only one of the pictures of President Obama taken by Souza for his “Portrait of a Presidency” shown to Time, was taken last October 26, while the US president was playing with a son of a White House staffer in the Outer Oval Office.

“I tried to, in putting together this edit, not only to show some of the high points or low points of his presidency thus far, but pictures that help people understand what he’s like, not only as a President but as a human being. And how he relates to other people, how he relates to his family.” Souza told Time.

“I spend a lot of time with [the President], around him, on vacations, sometimes on weekends, depending on what’s going on. He’s used to me being around.” Souza added, who first met Obama on Jan. 3, 2005, the first day of Barack Obama as a senator.

Obama vs Spider-Man
Obama vs Spider-Man: President Obama caught in Spider-Man’s web
Image Credit: Pete Souza/White House

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