Obama Romney hair switch photo during presidential debate goes viral (Photo)

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Visual designer Shelby White created a so-called ‘Obama Romney hair switch‘ photo, as shown below, which he created during the first presidential debate in Denver on Wednesday, October 3, 2012. He posted it on his official Twitter account and is now going viral.

“If Obama and Romney switched haircuts…” Shelby White (@shelbywhite) tweeted on Tuesday night, along with the photoshopped photo of US President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney with their hair switched. He later added, “Everyone, hash tag that picture that I made using #obamahair.”

“On a lighter note: If Romney & Obama switched hair.” Emerging Experiences creative director Eric Grant (@ericgrant) tweeted later, who also attached the same photo, which was retweeted nearly 9,000 times as of this writing. He later acknowledged the work of Shelby White.

As noted at MSN, the ‘Obama Romney hair switch‘ photo made the president looked like “a sitcom dad from a really dated sitcom,” while Romney, 65, who earlier went viral when a wide-eyed Chipotle worker posed with him, looks cool enough with Obama‘s hair on his head.

For the serious side on the first presidential debate, Huffington Post reported that general consensus among reporters and political operatives revealed that Mitt Romney won the debate and appeared more relaxed than President Obama. The president has been observed to be hardly looking Romney in the eye.

Meanwhile, CNN poll after the debate revealed that that 67% of debate watchers said they believed that Romney won and only 25% said that President Obama beat Romney. In addition, 82% said that Romney performed better than expected and 60% said that Obama did worse than expected.

Obama Romney hair switch
Obama Romney hair switch
Image Credit: Shelby White Twitter

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