Obama makes thank-you calls, congratulates Romney, shows confidence of winning the election (Video)

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US President Barack Obama made thank-you calls to some of his volunteers on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, Election Day, and congratulated rival Mitt Romney on his campaign, and apparently expressing confidence that he will win the 2012 US presidential election, as shown in the video below.

Obama congratulates Romney

President Barack Obama talking to reporters,
congratulates Mitt Romney on his campaign

Image Credit: CNN video

As aired at CNN on Tuesday morning, President Obama made a surprise visit to his campaign field office in Chicago, and received a very warm welcome from his election campaign volunteers. He was later seen making some thank-you calls to some of his volunteers in Wisconsin, and later talked to reporters.

“Hi is this Annie? This is Barack Obama.” The president said over the phone to someone who seemed to be not expecting the call. “This is Barack Obama. You know, the president?” He said later, and the crowd laughed. Mr. Obama said after the call that he was not initially recognized by the woman on the other line.

Apparently, the president have called other Wisconsin volunteers and thanked them for their tireless support to him. He cast his vote last week in Chicago, as part of his campaign’s efforts to promote early voting. On the other hand, US First Lady Michelle Obama voted via absentee ballot.

“The great thing about these campaigns is after all the TV ads and all the fundraising and all the debates and all the electioneering, it comes down to this. One day and these incredible folks who are working so hard, making phone calls, making sure that people go out to vote.” The president told the reporters.

“I also want to say to Gov. Romney–congratulations on a spirited campaign. I know that his supporters are just as engaged and just as enthusiastic and working just as hard today. It’s going to depend ultimately on whether those votes turn out.” Mr. Obama further said; who is now leading the Electoral Votes projections.

President Obama making thank-you calls to volunteers, congratulates
Mitt Romney on campaign

Video Credit: CNN

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