Obama limo towed in Israel, after driver allegedly put gas instead of diesel (Photo)

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President Obama‘s limo was towed in Israel on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, after the driver allegedly put gas in the tank, instead of diesel. The Obama limo, which was called the “Beast,” was designated to his hotel, and a second limousine was used to transport the US president.

Obama limo towed Israel

Obama limo being towed in Israel
Image Credit: 2424.co.il

As noted at Daily Mail that day, President Barack Obama arrived in Tel Aviv on Wednesday afternoon (local time) and was not yet in Israel when the limo that was supposed to fetch him from the airport was towed. The photo of Mr. Obama‘s limo being towed was first seen at Israeli news site, 2424.co.il.

“One of our protective vehicles experienced mechanical problems in Israel earlier today. This is why we bring multiple vehicles and a mechanic on all trips.” US Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan was quoted in the report. The president’s customized Cadillac limo reportedly costs more than $1.5 million.

“Situations like this are planned for extensively by our advance teams so that the President’s itinerary is unaffected by these types of issues.” Donovan added, who neither confirmed nor denied reports saying that the driver accidentally put gas instead of diesel; and if that was the cause why the limo malfunctioned.

Nevertheless, CNN reported that the tow truck company owner who picked up Obama‘s limo said that the U.S. consulate called him to tow the customized vehicle in Jerusalem because it would not start. The US President later met with Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

For the record, diesel engines and gas engines differs from each other in the way the internal combustions are created to drive the pistons. Depending on the amount, using gas instead of diesel may cause major damage to the pistons, wrist pins, and connecting rods, causing the engine not to function well.

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