Obama 2012 TV ad launched, President Obama defends records against Koch brothers (Video)

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US President Barack Obama launched his first 2012 re-election TV campaign ad on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 via YouTube, as shown in the video below.

Obama 2012 TV ad
Image Credit: BarackObama.com

According to US news sites that day, an Obama 2012 campaign official said that the political ad video will be aired on TV starting Thursday, January 19 in Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

As noted in reports, this Obama TV ad video is the response of the president to the $6 million ad campaign by the group Americans for Prosperity, which was supported by two Kansas brothers, billionaires David and Charles Koch.

Apparently, the group is accusing President Obama of conducting pay-for-play politics in the bankruptcy of Solyndra, a California energy company that imploded despite a $528 million federal loan.

“Secretive oil billionaires attacking President Obama with ads fact checkers say are not tethered to facts,” the narrator said on the video, along with some piano chords and showing photos of Mr. Obama.

“Independent watchdogs call this president’s record on ethics unprecedented. For the first time in 13 years our dependence on foreign oil is below 50%. President Obama kept his promise to toughen ethics rules and strengthen America‘s energy economy.” The narrator said in the latter part.

Back in November 2011, President Obama released two political ad videos, with the first one showing the president inviting the public to support him via his reelection campaign website JoinObama.com.

In the second video, Mr. Obama is requesting fellow Americans to support him on his ‘movement’ about change; who is now waiting for this Republican opponent to be named soon, in which they are now campaigning for the South Carolina primary on Saturday, January 21.

Obama for America 2012 TV AD – The Facts About President Obama’s Energy Record
Video Credit: BarackObamadotcom/YouTube

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