Oakland A’s keeping team intact for next season

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Oakland A's

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The Oakland A’s may have been eliminated from the playoffs, but Athletics General Manager Billy Beane said on Friday, October 12, 2012 that he will be keeping majority of the team for next season.

Detroit knocked out the Okland A’s from the postseason. The A’s reportedly surprised everyone with its 94 wins during the 2012 season.

The Oakland team is “in great shape,” according to Beane. The general manager explained that “The satisfying thing about the crowd’s response to this team (Thursday) night was they’re also going to get to see this team, by and large, next year. If there’s moves made, the idea would be additions. I’ve had situations where we had great seasons and I knew the team wasn’t going to be back because of free agency and things like that. (The goal) is to try and continue the momentum in the winter. We should be able to build on this next year.”

Beane‘s statement, a day after his team got eliminated, is reportedly a good news for the A’s fans.

The Oakland A’s is reputedly one of the teams who experienced heavy roster turnovers during the past seasons.

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