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Noynoying vs PNoy attracts international news, discussed in a Wall Street Journal article

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Manila, PhilippinesNoynoying, a term invented against President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III (PNoy) has attracted international news particularly at Wall Street Journal, and has now a page at Wikipedia.

A ‘Noynoying’ pose
Image Credit: Noynoying Facebook page

As noted by Wall Street Journal on its website on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 titled “Noynoying Poses Challenge to Philippine Leader”, some critics of President Noynoy Aquino coined the term ‘Noynoying‘ as a form of protest.

“Basically, Noynoying involves sitting around staring into space, much like Mr. Aquino supposedly does instead of running the country, at least according to some of his critics.” A statement reads at

“Since being elected in a landslide in 2010, Mr. Aquino has sometimes been caught laughing it up with celebrities instead of attending to the impact of typhoons and other disasters.” The statement added, noting that Noynoying also taps into old Philippine folk tales about Juan Tamad.

Wall Street Journal also mentioned an article at Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper, where political activist Vencer Crisostomo noted that ‘Noynoying has the advantage over planking since people to do it in any position they like such as standing up or sitting down.

Apparently, Noynoying has now a page at Wikipedia, where it was described as a position of “doing nothing when in fact you have something to do” and that it was derived from PNoy’s nickname Noynoy, and the suffix -ing, to describe the act of being Noynoy, a parody of his alleged work ethic.

Wikipedia mentioned that the term Noynoying was introduced last March 15 during a youth protest in support of the transport caravan led by the transport group Piston; and was also performed by Hacienda Luisita farmers last March 19 in front of the Philippine Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, President Noynoy Aquino was quoted telling to reporters last Sunday that “Noynoying” does not annoy him and cited his achievements since he was elected; with Budget Secretary Florencio Abad noting that its popularity will soon pass by.

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