Norris Mailer, Widow of Norman Mailer, Died at 61 From Cancer

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New, a site dedicated to the late Norman Mailer, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, announced the death of Norris Church Mailer. She was Norman Mailer’s sixth and final wife. The site was quoted saying “she died after a long and valiant struggle with cancer” at her home in Brooklyn on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 10:55 AM at the age of 61.

Norris was half the age of Norman Mailer when they met and got married. She was an actress, Wilhemina model, author and painter.

Dwayne Raymond, said he and her two children, Matthew Mailer and John Buffalo Mailer, and some close friends were at her home when Norris died.

Norris Mailer has a broad interest in the arts. Her paintings were featured in several one-woman shows. She was a member of the Actors Studio, appeared in the television adaptation of Mailer’s classic “The Executioner’s Song” and had a brief part, with her husband, in the film version of “Ragtime.” She also wrote two novels, “Windchill Summer” and “Cheap Diamonds.”

“I’d had a career. Family. I once had ambitions and dreams that had nothing to do with Norman Mailer,” she wrote. “Norman changed my life and the ripples from that first meeting in Arkansas have spread through many others. I wouldn’t trade with anybody in the world. And who knows what he’s doing on the other side? I’m curious to catch up with him and find out.”

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