Nonito Donaire Jr reconciles with father, blames sports media on family feud report (Video)

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Manila, Philippines – Filipino boxing champion Nonito Donaire Jr. have reconciled with his father, Nonito Donaire Sr, and apparently blamed some local sports media on his family feud issue as shown in the video below.

Nonito Donaire Jr
Image Credit: TheOfficialFlash/YouTube

According to ABS-CBN News, Nonito Donaire Jr, dubbed as the ‘Filipino Flash’ who was reportedly having a 3-year feud with his father and former trainer, Nonito Donaire Sr., had a family reconciliation on Thursday, March 3, 2011.

The next day, a YouTube video was uploaded showing Nonito Donaire Jr, his wife Rachel and his father Nonito Donaire Sr and through its official website

On the said video, Nonito Donaire Jr. and his wife blamed some sports media for allegedly destroying his family on exaggerated new reports.

Nonito Donaire Jr., who knocked out Fernando Montiel on Round 2 last February, clarified that he and his father had a misunderstanding but there was no money issue.

“My dad never stole anything. My dad was always there to protect me. He’s always looked out for my benefit,” Donaire Jr. said on the video. “What has been said in the media was… blown into something really

“As much as there were a lot of rumors that ran around, Papang never stole the money. It was all a misunderstanding,” Rachel Donaire said, also in the video.

“It didn’t help that the media twisted and edited the words to actually make us fight more,” she added.

On his official Facebook page, Nonito Donaire Jr. warned Chino Trinidad and two other sports media personalities and noted that they should leave his family alone.

Chino, Pinol, n Ampong. Shut up n Leave my family alone: the Donaires n Marcials, esp my wife. Keep talking until you will feel what Montiel felt. U won’t see it, ull just feel it. Sonic Boom!!” Nonito Donaire Jr posted on Sunday.

Later, Chino Trinidad answered back using his Twitter account.

Nonito Donaire Jr ‘Rreconciliation’
Video Credit: TheOfficialFlash/YouTube

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