Nokia C7 used as remote control to drive a real life-sized BMW car (Video)

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A Nokia C7 unit was recently used as a remote control to drive a real and life-sized BMW car and apparently surprised a car park personnel when he chase it and learned that the car is running without a driver, as shown in the video below.

Nokia C7 as remote control for BMW
Photo credit: OviJade/YouTube

As Chinese electronics enthusiast named Jiaxuan admitted on the video, he has been very interested in creating new things since he was small, and started to make his hobby to be useful to everyone later.

Jiaxuan, together with his friend whom he grew up along with since his elementary days, rented a lab after finishing high school and started to make experiments including remote control for toys, air-conditioner, toy cars and others.

But Jiaxuan says he want to try something bigger and the two thought of converting the latest Nokia handset, Nokia C7, into a remote control to drive a car by itself, which they chose a luxurious BMW car.

After a series of soldering, software coding, and testing, the dream of the dynamic duo came to reality on November 28, 2010, as they have been successful in driving a car using a Nokia C7 unit as a remote control.

On the last part of the video, Jiaxuan noticed an airplane in the sky and asked his friend if he think they can control it one day, the latter said they can try and added that he thinks it will work.

Nokia C7 as remote control for BMW car
Video credit: OviJade/YouTube

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