Nokia 1209 Exploded

By on Aug 19, 2010 in Cellphone Comments

A phone user from India named Gopal Gujjar, 23 years old has been killed after his phone exploded. According to reports, he is using a Nokia 1209 unit when the blast happened.

It was assumed that he was talking over the phone when it explodes causing a serious damage to his right ear.

Reports said that there were no witness to the incident but the police believed that he was killed by his own phone due to the pieces of the Nokia 1209 discovered scattered near his body.

It was the first incident reported in the country that a mobile phone exploded while it was not being charged.

Other incidents like this being reported was when a 27-year old housewife in Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh was killed while she was talking to her husband with a Chinese-made mobile phone. The phone was simultaneously charging when it exploded. This incident happened in January.

Mobile phone explosion have been also reported in a few countries and are mostly under Nokia phones.

Nokia does not have any feedback or comments about the said incident.

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