No Winner Yet of Wisconsin Election 2011 for Supreme Court Race

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JoAnne Kloppenburg and David Prosser
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The winner of the Wisconsin Supreme Court election is yet to be announced as there are still a couple of precincts unreported. David Prosser, the incumbent, leads against JoAnne Kloppenburg, Assistant District Attorney, by a slight margin in the ongoing tally of election results. This was reported by US news sites, April 6, 2011.

The neck to neck election results is seen as a declaration of Wisconsin’s opposition to Governor Scott Walker’s union law against collective bargaining. What was perceived previously to be a wide margin of votes for Prosser has now dwindled to a few hundreds.

The governor’s union law was signed on March 11, 2011, which has incited a huge number of Wisconsin’s citizenry to take to the streets to oppose the bill. It has not been implemented yet as hearings in court about the bill is being conducted.

The close election race for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court may require a recount should election results be questionable.

Update on Wisconsin elections 2011 can be read here: Winner of Wisconsin Supreme Court Elections.

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