No survivors for all the 29 trapped miners in the New Zealand mine after the second blast

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There were no survivors for all the 29 trapped miners in the New Zealand mine after a second blast occurred apparently stronger than the first one, according to New Zealand Herald on Wednesday.

At 2:.37 p.m. Wednesday, a second massive explosion that contained toxic gas happened that made the rescuers to finally lose hope in saving all or any of the 29 miners trapped under the Pike River coal mine since Friday, and officials concluded that it is impossible for someone to survive.

Pike River CEO Peter Whittall was said to have personally informed the families of the trapped miners, and all they wish for now is to at least get the bodies of their lost love ones from under the mine.

With that, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key was sudden upon receiving the bad news and held a brief press conference to formally inform the world about the tragedy, and that his nation is under deep sorrow for the lives lost.

Before the second explosion, two robots were sent down under the mine hoping to make communication with the trapped miners and to eventually save them.

Earlier, the supposed start of rescue was delayed after a toxic gas was learned. A hole was drilled to take gas samples for testing and evaluation that may determine if it is safe to enter the mine.

This tragedy that took 29 lives due to the Pike River coal mine blast was believed to be the New Zealand’s worst after almost a century, where 43 coal miners lost their lives at Ralph‘s Mine, Waikato.

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