No bacon shortage in 2013, UK National Pig Association pork shortage prediction not true, reports say

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There will be no bacon shortage in 2013, contrary to the prediction of National Pig Association (NPA) of UK late last week. This is according to US experts and economists, noting that there will be a global increase in meat prices, but will not in any way cause global pork shortage.

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As noted by Britain‘s National Pig Association on its official website on Thursday, September 20 2012, a world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable. New data indicates that the European Union pig herd is going down at a significant rate and is being felt worldwide.

According to the announcement, pig farmers are suffering from expensive pig feeds caused by the failure of maize and soya harvests worldwide, as NPA earlier launched a “Save Our Bacon” campaign and asking shoppers to buy pork and bacon with the British independent Red Tractor logo.

“British supermarkets know they have to raise the price they pay Britain‘s pig farmers or risk empty spaces on their shelves next year. But competition is so fierce in the high street at present; each is waiting for the other to move first.” NPA chairman Richard Longthorp was quoted in the report.

Last Sept 7, NPA also warned global pig farmers of a shortage of bacon and pork next year, citing the same reason, increasing cost of pig-feeds and they are now selling their herds. Governments are becoming increasingly concerned, and European Union pig industry leaders recently had a meeting in London.

The US government reportedly introduced a pork-buying program in its effort to help pig farmers maintain their business; while the Chinese government was said to be putting pork into cold storage, to prepare for the upcoming shortages and high prices in 2013.

However, NBC News reported on Thursday, September 27, that there will be no bacon shortage next year and will not happen if pork prices are allowed to rise and fall freely. The US government is being believed to be not making the pork prices fixed while demands are higher than the supply, which will cause shortage.

“It’s a challenging time because of drought for both consumers and producers and food costs will rise, but we’re not going to see people in line for bacon… there will be no bacon rationing.” Cindy Cunningham of the National Pork Board was quoted telling to NBC News.

On the other hand, noted that all bacon are equal, noting that the bacon that British calls is not the same with the bacon by the Americans. The British bacon, or what American calls as “Canadian bacon,” comes from the back cut of the pig, while the real American bacon is from the pig’s belly.

Likewise, the report also agrees with the US economic experts in the belief that there will no bacon shortage in the coming months, emphasizing that the real problem is inadequate supply of corn, which was caused by the drought this year that ruined huge corn crops around the world.

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