No. 1 endangered river: American Rivers Named Potomac River, US’ No. 1 Most Endangered River

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No. 1 endangered river Potomac River

No. 1 endangered river: Potomac River
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Potomac River has been named as the no. 1 endangered river in the US, according to annual list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers, as released by American Rivers on its official website on Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

According to the report, Potomac River may serve as a representation of the state of the rivers in the US, as part of the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act in the country.”

American Rivers spearheaded a campaign that enabled Americans to contact members of US Congress and speak up for clean water.

Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers explains that “This year’s Most Endangered Rivers list underscores how important clean water is to our drinking water, health, and economy.” Irvin added that “If Congress slashes clean water protections, more Americans will get sick and communities and businesses will suffer. We simply cannot afford to go back to a time when the Potomac and rivers nationwide were too polluted and dangerous to use.”

Below is the complete Top 10 list of the 2012 Most Endangered Rivers in the US, taken from

  1. Potomac River
  2. Green River (Wyoming, Utah and Colorado)
  3. Chattahoochee River (Georgia)
  4. Missouri River
  5. Hoback River (Wyoming)
  6. Grand River (Ohio)
  7. South Fork Skykomish River (Washington)
  8. Crystal River (Colorado)
  9. Coal River (West Virginia)
  10. Kansas River

America’s Most Endangered Rivers is reportedly sponsored by The Orvis Company, which donates 5% of their pre-tax profits annually to protect nature.

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