Nissan cuts prices on 7 models being sold in the US, including Altima, Armada, and Sentra

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Nissan cuts prices on seven of the eighteen car models being sold in the United States, despite the fact that the car company announced an increase in sales for the month of April This move by Nissan intends to improve the results of the consumers online search by price category.

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According to the report at this Wednesday, May 1, 2013, Nissan will cut the prices for their top-selling Altima, Armada, Sentra, Juke SUV, Rogue, Murano and the Maxima. This Nissan price cut represents two-thirds or around 65 percent of the brand’s U.S. sales volume.

As noted by Nissan, there will be a 2.7% price reduction or $580 on 2013 Altima, which was their best-selling car in the US last March, a 10.7% price discount or $4,400 for Armada big SUV, a $730 price off for the Sentra, $1,290 less for the high-end Juke, and $2,300 price off of the Rogue model.

In addition, Nissan also cuts $1,460 for the low-end model of the Murano and $2,410 for the high end version, and $2,270 for the low-end of the Maxima and $3,030 for the high-end, which includes a $700 tech package. The car company emphasized that the price cuts were not related to the recent depreciation of the Japanese yen.

“What we saw is that in some versions of some mobiles, we were not on the shopping list because we did not have the appropriate MSRP. We did an analysis across the car line and decided to make these adjustments.” Jose Munoz, senior vice president for sales and marketing for Nissan USA, was quoted in the report.

“We did an analysis across the car line and decided to make these adjustments. It’s not applied across the board. For the time being, we are applying it to seven models.” Munoz added, noting that the above price cuts will start this Friday, May 3, but only for cars and trucks that are not on dealer lots yet. Nevertheless, Nissan vehicles that are now in dealer inventories will also have price cuts, but only through an equipment allowance.

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