Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Unveils Wii Successor

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Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo Wii U
Image Credit: Nintendo/AP Photo

Nintendo Wii U, the new game console was unveiled on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 during an E3 press conference in Los Angeles, several news sites reported.

The Nintendo Wii U was equipped with a 6.2-inch LCD touch-screen, a microphone, a camera and an accelerometer. It was said that the controller of Wii U act as a sort of fusion of a gamepad, tablet PC and a handheld gaming system.

Reports said that the new gaming console offers a different gaming experience to high-definition graphics gamers. Furthermore, the console itself looks much like a fatter and more rounded Wii system.

Meanwhile, with Nintendo Wii U, players can transfer games from their TV to the controller seamlessly and can sling elements from the controller to the TV. Also, it was said that the new Nintendo Wii U can be used as a digital sketch pad, can surf the web and can do video chats.

The new Nintendo Wii U was said to launch in 2012.

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