Nintendo Warns the Public that its 3D Video Games are Harmful to Children Under 6

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Nintendo Corporation has warned the public that its upcoming 3D video games and its handheld 3DS are harmful to children under 6 years old.  This was announced by Nintendo, this December 2010 pending the release of the video game on March 2011.

According to health experts, the development of the eyes of the child is damaged and therefore potentially harmful to the child’s health.  Examples of these conditions are altered vision, disorientation and many more.

The strain and eye movement caused by the digital images will result to eye strain and in some serious instances, seizures.  Parents are advised to have their child undergo medical checkup first before allowing them to play any of the highly complex video games. Nintendo is offering 2Ds instead to children below 6 years old. The 3D offers a parental control key which a parent can use to shift to the 2D mode of the computer game.

Nintendo has posted precautions for customers in their official website at

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