Nintendo 3DS to hit US on March 27 for $250

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Updated: March 28, 2011 7:19 p.m.

Read Nintendo 3DS hits US for $250, no 3D glasses needed, Isaiah Triforce Johnson first to buy

Nintendo announced it plans to launch Nintendo 3DS in the US this coming March for $250, with more than 30 games to be available until early June, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the company revealed on a press conference on Tuesday.

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According to Nintendo America’s official Twitter account, the Nintendo 3DS will be launched this coming March 27, 2011 across the US which will cost $250, with no 3D glasses required since a lenticular display now allows the machine to project 3D images.

Apparently, players can also access the web and will be able to receive information via online hotspots through SpotPass, no matter what game is currently in the game slot.

An app called Activity Log is also added to track both virtual and physical activities, and will keep on which games have been played and how long they were played.

Nintendo 3DS will also deliver 3D video playback capability, 3D photography and 3D display of the photos, and a Mii Maker that creates a Mii avatar based on the photo taken using the 3D camera.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft also announced that eight games will be coming from them including Asphalt 3D, Combat of Giants 3D, Driver Renegade 3D, and Rabbids Travel 3D.

As Nintendo revealed, more than 5,000 Nintendo 3DS units will be available online and in local stores, in which further details will be announced later.

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