Nintendo 3DS hits US for $250, no 3D glasses needed, Isaiah Triforce Johnson first to buy

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Nintendo 3DS hits US for $250 on Sunday, March 27, 2011, with no 3D glasses needed, as a devoted Nintendo fan named Isaiah Triforce Johnson to be the first one to buy one.

Nintendo 3DS with
Isaiah Triforce Johnson (inset)

Image Credit: RawGamePlay/Nintendo

The Nintendo 3DS, which had 16 exciting new games including Pilotwings Resort, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, and Nintendogs + Cats were made available.

The device does not only have to two cameras that can take 3D photos that can be seen on the screen and saved on the 2-GB Memory Card, but also a third camera to take photos of the user.

Nintendo 3DS also allows users to download movies via Netflix, as well as a sliding control that users can use to adjust the degree of 3D level.

Meanwhile, a 28-year old Nintendo lover from Brooklyn named Isaiah Triforce Johnson was said to be the first one to buy one, and was reported to have camped at the Best Buy at Union Square in New York since Monday, or less than a week before the launch.

Nintendo always makes great innovative systems and games,” Isaiah-Triforce Johnson was quoted at the New York Post on Sunday, who was wearing a Power Glove.

“I want to be able to experience that innovation that Nintendo makes.” Johnson added, as the store security earlier called the cops to shoo him away.

According to reports, Isaiah-Triforce Johnson was also the first one to buy the PS3 from the Sony store in San Francisco back in 2006, where Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime even called him up and autographed the said console.

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