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Ninoy Aquino Remembered: Filipinos Commemorate His Ultimate Sacrifice

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Ninoy Aquino
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MANILA, PhilippinesBenigno S. Aquino Jr., simply known as Ninoy Aquino, is remembered by Filipinos on his 28th death anniversary, this Sunday, August 21, 2011.

Ninoy Aquino was considered a strong contender to the presidency against Marcos because he has been exposed to politics since age 22, as mayor of Tarlac.

Aquino met his demise at the airport’s tarmac as he was escorted by uniformed men outside the plane. His supreme sacrifice has awakened the political awareness of Filipinos to the excesses of the then existing Marcos regime under Ferdinand E. Marcos.

On August 31, 1983, the largest procession took place in Manila as thousands lined up the streets to pay their last respect to the man who had galvanized the “passive” population into a more active arm of society.

It was on February 25, 1986, that this political awareness came into play, when the full force of Filipinos emerged in the “People Power Revolution,” which was recognized worldwide as a phenomenon.

The peaceful EDSA Revolution pitted a sea of humanity against tanks and guns and the military had to bow down. It was People Power which has also granted the late Corazon Aquino her presidency in 1986.

Reportedly, today, the palace asked Filipinos “…not to forget the sacrifices of Ninoy.”

In the afternoon of August 21, 2011, the incumbent President Noynoy Aquino, will open an exhibit featuring his father, Ninoy Aquino.

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