Nijmegen Helmet at Tullie House, Most Beautiful Helmet of the Roman Empire Collections?

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Nijmegen Roman Mask Helmet
Image credit: Museum Het Valkhof

The Nijmegen helmet, allegedly labeled as the “most beautiful” by Tullie House manager, Andrew Mackay, is set to be displayed at the Tullie House, Carlisle from June to October 2011. This was disclosed by UK news sites, June 14.

The Nijmegen helmet was loaned by Het Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen Netherlands and is described to feature a beautiful silvered face that could elicit awe and terror.

It is purported to be the “cousin” of the Crosby Garrett Helmet, which was bought by an unknown buyer.

Tullie House is trying hard to find the helmet’s whereabouts and acquire it through donations.

The Nijmegen helmet, together with Tullie’s new Roman Gallery, is expected to awe visitors on Tullie House’s opening date, June 25.

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