Nicole’s Baby Kicking video link is latest Facebook scam, online security Sophos warns

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A link to a video of the so-called ‘Nicole baby kicking‘ is now being dubbed as the latest Facebook scam and online security Sophos is warning the public.

According to a post at by Graham Cluley on Friday, September 9, 2011, a number of their readers informed them that Facebook scammers recently launched a new scam.

As noted in the report, the title of the new Facebook scam is ‘Awesome Video “Nicole’s Baby Kicking – The Belly View – Unbelievable”‘ with the supposed link to the video.

The alleged Facebook scam has a subtitle of “An amazing view of a baby kicking and moving his way out of the belly while at the beach”, with a sample shown below.

Nicole’s Baby Kicking video link, alleged Facebook scam
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Apparently, it is somehow similar to a 2009 YouTube video titled ‘Nicole’s Baby Kicking – The Belly View – Unbelievable‘, where a real heavily pregnant woman named Nicole, sitting on a chair while sunbathing on a beach.

On that video, which has more than 3.6 million views as of this writing, Nicole‘s tummy is being focused as the baby inside her womb kicks regularly.

Meanwhile, Cluley said that he visited the alleged Facebook scam using a test account and learned that it was advertising the website as shown below.

With this, Facebook users are being advised not to click on the link. Otherwise, Sophos said they will be taken to a third-party website which insists users to share the link with their Facebook friends before they can watch the video.

Mr. Cluley is also suggesting that if a Facebook user wants to watch a video online, they should go directly to YouTube or verify first and make sure that it is a legitimate link.

Nicole’s Baby Kicking video link, alleged Facebook scam
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