NHL Trades 2011: National Hockey League Trading Not Much Impact on NHL Rosters?

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Chris Campoli
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The National Hockey League (NHL) Trade 2011 allegedly left not much impact on NHL rosters, as reported by International Sports sites, February 28. The activity yielded 35 players traded for the season.

The deadline was set February 28 and much of the speculation was ended with the final results. The different teams traded for different reasons, either to do away with a too expensive player or to acquire a genuine scorer; that is, if they are pushing for the final play-offs.

For NHL trade 2011, the notable trade activities include the following:

Chicago Blackhawks acquired Chris Campoli from the Ottawa Senators. The 26-year old Campoli recorded 9 goals and 21 assists.

The Washington Capitals have acquired Freddy Modin from the Atlanta Thrashers, and Jason Arnott from the New Jersey Devils.

The trading activities is recorded by NHL.com


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