Nexon America: Free Online Games Pioneer Named “Most Innovative Companies in Gaming”

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Nexon: Free Online Games Pioneer
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Fast Company has named Nexon, free-to-play online games pioneer, as one of the “Most Innovative Companies in Gaming” for the second straight year, according to a Business Wire report.

Nexon America started the micro-transaction business model for gaming in 2005. It has popularized free-to-play games that include Dungeon Fighter Online, and MapleStory.

Game cards is one innovative business model that Nexon pioneered. Nexon game cards are prepaid cards with specific amounts of Nexon’s NX virtual currency. There are over 70,000 retailers selling Nexon cards, and that includes 7-Eleven, Toys ‘R Us and GameStop.

The global interactive entertainment company is reportedly expanding its business to bring its popular games to mobile, social and console platforms. In 2010, Nexon introduced MapleStory in iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using the iOS platform.

Nexon has recently partnered with A Bit Lucky to develop games targeted to social networking platforms such as Facebook. By the end of the year, Nexon will be releasing MapleStory Adventures as a Facebook game.

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