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Apr 16, 2014

Rare baby camel, Ilias Debuts at Budapest Zoo in Hungary

rare baby camel
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Rare baby camel named Iris Credit: A rare baby camel named Ilias made his first appearance at the Budapest Zoo, one of the world’s oldest zoos, on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. Watch the video of Ilias, the rare baby camel, by clicking here. Ilias was born last April 9 to its eight-year-old mother Iris, whose […]

Feb 22, 2014

Sikorsky helicopters 30-year deal worth $3.5B signed by Turkey

Sikorsky helicopters
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Sikorsky helicopters: Black Hawk Credit: Sikorsky Sikorsky helicopters will soon be manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) after the Turkey government agreed to a $3.5 billion deal with the United Technologies Corp’s Sikorsky Aircraft. Watch the Sikorsky helicopters, Black Hawk, on video by clicking here. The Sikorsky helicopters deal was reportedly confirmed by the Turkish […]

Dec 11, 2013

Aspartame Safe At Current Levels Used In Diet Sodas, EFSA Says

Aspartame Safe At Current Levels Used In Diet Sodas, EFSA Says
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Aspartame is safe to consume at the current levels used in diet sodas, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found, several health news sites reported on Tuesday, December 10, 2013. Diet Sodas Credit: According to reports, EFSA said on Tuesday that it has ruled out any “potential risk of aspartame causing damage to […]

Dec 3, 2013

Audi Q1 compact SUV headed for production by 2016

Audi Q1 compact SUV headed for production by 2016
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Audi announced on its press release dated December 2, 2013 that it decided to develop Audi Q1 as a new member of Audi‘s Q model family. “The Audi Q1 is part of our broad-based SUV strategy. It is designed on the basis of the modular transverse engine concept and will round off our Q series […]

Oct 30, 2013

World’s Tallest Man Sultan Kosen Ties Knot with Merve Dibo

World's Tallest Man
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World’s tallest man: Sultan Kosen Credit: Guinness World Records The world’s tallest man Sultan Kosen married Merve Dibo in Southern Turkey on Sunday, October 27, 2013. Kosen, 31-year-old native of Ankara, was awarded as the Guinness World’s Tallest Man in 2011. Standing at 8 feet and 3 inches, Kosen is 2 feet and 7 inches […]

Oct 12, 2013

Jesus Misspelled On Vatican Commemorative Medals (Video)

Jesus misspelled
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Jesus misspelled Credit: Omniroma Jesus misspelled medals, meant to commemorate the inauguration of Pope Francis, has been recalled by the Vatican. The Jesus misspelled medals went on sale at the Vatican Publishing House in St. Peter’s Square on Tuesday, October 8, 2013. Italian State Mint accidentally misspelled Jesus as “Lesvs” in the Latin phrase “Vidit […]

Oct 5, 2013

Giant Squid in Spain: 30-foot Squid Found in Cantabria Beach (Video)

Giant Squid Spain
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Giant Squid in Spain Credit: Javier Cotera. Video: Pablo Bermudez A giant squid was found at the shore of La Arena beach in Cantabria, Spain on Tuesday, October 1, 2013. The giant squid is reportedly 30 feet in length and weighs about 400 pounds. With large eyes and wide body, the giant squid belongs to […]

Aug 22, 2013

Oarfish or Loch Ness Monster Found in Spain? (Photos)

Oarfish or Loch Ness Monster
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Oarfish or Loch Ness Monster? Credit: Facebook Is it an oarfish or did they finally had a close encounter with a loch ness monster? A woman reportedly discovered a life-less creature along the shoreline of Luis Siret Beach in Villaricos, Spain on Wednesday, August 21, 2013. Authorities however are at a loss about the mysterious […]

Jul 20, 2013

Honda fast lawn mower ‘Mean Mower’ is ‘World’s Fastest Lawn Mower’ (Video)

Honda fast lawn mower 'Mean Mower' is 'World’s Fastest Lawn Mower' (Video)
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A Honda fast lawn mower called ‘Mean Mower‘ was recently unveiled, as shown in the YouTube video ad below. According to Honda UK, this speedy machine can reach a speed 0-60mph in just four seconds and is being estimated to run up to 130mph (or around 209 kilometers per hour). Honda Mean Mower ‘world’s fastest […]

Jun 27, 2013

Levitating magician Dynamo Pepsi Max commercial secret revealed (Video)

Levitating magician Dynamo Pepsi Max commercial secret revealed (Video)
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Levitating magician Dynamo appeared on a Pepsi Max commercial, as shown in the video below. The Dynamo Pepsi Max ad was made in London and was uploaded at YouTube this Monday, June 24, 2013 and went viral. But after scrutinizing carefully, Dynamo‘s secret has been apparently revealed. Levitating magician Dynamo at Pepsi Max ad Image […]