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Nov 27, 2012

World’s First Toilet Park: The Restroom Cultural Park Opens In South Korea

Toilet Park in South Korea
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The world’s first toilet park opened in South Korea, international news sites reported on Tuesday, November 27, 2012. World’s first toilet park Image Credit: BBC According to reports, the park, known as The Restroom Cultural Park, has a museum which displays ancient Korean flush toilet, Roman-style loos, European-style bedpans and fun facts about human wastes […]

Nov 24, 2012

$4.2 million Christmas tree: World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree is Pure Gold (Photo)

World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree
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A pure gold $4.2 million (350 million yen) Christmas tree is reportedly on sale at the Ginza Tanaka jewelry store in Tokyo, Japan. The golden Christmas tree, considered as the world’s most expensive Christmas tree in terms of gold value, is covered with Disney Characters that include Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell and Cinderella. $4.2 million […]

Nov 12, 2012

Monet’s Water Lilies Painting Sold For $43M At New York City Auction

Monet’s Water Lilies Painting
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Monet’s Water Lilies Painting Image Credit: Christie’s Images Ltd., 2012/AP Photo Claude Monet’s Water Lilies painting also known as Nymphéas has been sold for more than $43 million at Christie’s auction in New York City on Wednesday evening, November 7, 2012 as reported by international news sites that same day. Monet’s “Water Lilies was created […]

Nov 12, 2012

Tunnel of Lights Japan: More Than 7 Million LED Lights Used In The Display (Photos)

Tunnel of Lights In Japan
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Tower of lights in Japan Image Credit: Bored Panda / A tunnel of lights in Japan made up of more than 7 million LED lights was recently opened, international news sites reported on Saturday, November 10, 2012. According to a report from Bored Panda, the tunnel of lights is located in the Nabana no […]

Oct 13, 2012

Eric Clapton’s Gerhard Richter painting sold at Sotheby’s auction for over $34 million, sets new record (Photo)

Gerhard Richter painting Abstract
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Singer Eric Clapton owns an abstract painting of German artist Gerhard Richter, which was sold in auction at Sotheby’s in London for more than £21.3 million (more than $34 million) on Friday, October 12, 2012. It also set a new record for being the most expensive painting by a living artist sold in an auction. […]

Sep 9, 2012

‘Renoir painting’ bought for $50 in a Virginia flea market may fetch $100,000 in auction (Photo)

Renoir painting Paysage Bords De Seine
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The Potomack Company Auctions and Appraisals will be selling a painting of French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, as shown in the photo below later this month, and could be sold for $100,000; but was bought for only less than $50 in a Virginia flea market more than a year ago. According to the New York Times […]

Aug 25, 2012

Samuel Silva, ballpoint pen drawing artist draws like live pictures (Photos)

redhair girl ballpoint pen drawing Samuel Silva
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A ballpoint pen drawing artist from Portugal named Samuel Silva is now getting a lot of attention online for his photorealistic drawings, as shown in the photos below; and he claims that he is not even a professional artist. Redhair girl, ballpoint pen drawing by Samuel Silva Image Credit: Samuel Silva/ As noted at […]

Aug 7, 2012

Leonardo Da Vinci painting worth $150M found in Scottish farmhouse

Leonardo Da Vinci painting
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A possible Leonardo Da Vinci painting, reportedly worth over $150 million, was discovered in the Scottish farmhouse of Fiona McLaren, according to several international reports. Leonardo Da Vinci painting Image Credit: Daily Mail The 59-year-old McLaren has kept the Da Vinci painting for decades. The 500-year-old painting was given as a gift by her father. […]

Jul 31, 2012

World’s Largest Cupcake Mosaic: Singapore Sets New World Record Using 20,000 Cupcakes

Largest Cupcake Mosaic in Singapore
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Largest Cupcake Mosaic Image Credit: AsiaOne To celebrate National Day, youths from Ayer Rajah Constituency in Singapore set a new Guinness World Record for the world’s largest cupcake mosaic on Sunday, July 29, 2012, several news sites from Singapore reported that day. According to reports, a mosaic featuring the national flag of Singapore enclosed by […]

Jun 19, 2012

Oldest rock art in Australia found by archaeologist, dated 28,000 years old (Photo)

ancient rock art
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The so-called oldest rock art in Australia has been found by archaeologist Bryce Barker of the University of Southern Queensland, as shown in the photo below, which was believed to be one of the oldest rock arts in the world. Fragments of the so-called oldest rock art in Australia, dated 28,000 years old Image Credit: […]