Newark Airport Terminal A closes temporary due to suspicious package

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New Jersey, USANewark Airport’s Terminal A was temporarily closed due to a suspicious package which was found behind the counter, according to international news sites on Monday.

Authorities told the news that Terminal A of the Newark Liberty International Airport was closed temporarily as a safety measure, after TSA employees reported a suspicious package and was being investigated.

Port Authority police also blocked the entrance and exit ways of the terminal, and the roads were closed.

The Port Authority police, together with the Essex County bomb squad immediately checked the said package and announced that they found no reason to be alarmed, the report said.

FBI spokesman Bryan Travers told the news the supposed ‘suspicious package’ only contained computer monitor that seemed to be emitting small amount of radiation, which was said to be normal for the device.

Mr. Travers added that the computer monitor is to be shipped to the same destination and that its owner is already boarded on his flight.

Although further investigation is still going on, Terminal A was reopened and vehicles were allowed to pass through and operation went back to normal.

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