New Zealand Police released the list of names of 29 trapped miners in Pike River coal mine

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The New Zealand Police released the list of names of 29 trapped miners in Pike River coal mine, as published at New Zealand Herald on Monday.

According to the report, Tasman District police area commander Superintendent Gary Knowles announced the names of each of the 29 miners who were trapped in the Pike River coal mine since Friday.

Knowles, during a press conference on Monday morning, said that ‘it is important to start putting the names of the trapped miners’.

The police commander also added that the rescue team is still on standby while a study is on-going on which area of the mine is safe to enter and how to be able to have contact with the ‘buried’ miners.

Meanwhile, Pike River CEO Peter Whittall announced that the drilling of hole, which was reported earlier, was considered successful, and had reached about 100 meters of the 162 meters they originally planned.

Whittall also said the testing of the gas levels in the mine is being done every 30 minutes, as he requested the media not to make any speculation that might cause confusion to the family of the trapped miners.

Below is the list of names of the trapped miners, their ages and where they came from, which is also published in the official website of the New Zealand Police.

1. Conrad Adams, 43 (Greymouth)

2. Malcolm Campbell, 25 (Greymouth – Scottish)

3. Glen Cruse, 35 (Cobden)

4. Allan Dixon, 59 (Rununga)

5. Zen Drew, 21 (Greymouth)

6. Christopher Duggan, 31 (Greymouth)

7. Joseph Dunbar, 17 (Greymouth)

8. John Hale, 45 (Ruatapu)

9. Daniel Herk, 36 (Rununga)

10. David Hoggart, 33 (Foxton)

11. Richard Holling, 41 (Blackball)

12. Andrew Hurren, 32 (Greymouth)

13. Jacobus ‘Koos’ Jonker, 47 (Coben – South African)

14. William Joynson, 49 (Dunollie – Australian)

15. Riki Keane, 28 (Greymouth)

16. Terry Kitchin, 41 (Runanga)

17. Samuel Mackie, 26 (Greymouth)

18. Francis Marden, 42 (Runanga)

19. Michael Monk, 23 (Greymouth)

20. Stuart Mudge, 31 (Rununga)

21. Kane Nieper, 33 (Greymouth)

22. Peter O’Neill, 55 (Rununga)

23. Milton Osborne, 54 (Ngahere)

24. Brendan Palmer, 27 (Cobden)

25. Benjamin Rockhouse, 21 (Greymouth)

26. Peter Rodger, 40 (Greymouth – British)

27. Blair Sims, 28 (Greymouth)

28. Joshua Ufer 25 (Australia)

29. Keith Valli, 62 (Winton)

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