New Zealand Miners Rescue Operation: New Zealand Police Team Prepares To Send in Robot

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New Zealand Miners
Image Credit: New Zealand Police/Handout

As reported by The Telegraph, New Zealand police rescue team are preparing for a robot to be sent inside the New Zealand coal mine where the 29 miners were trapped since Friday due to explosion.

It was reported earlier that the rescuers were prevented to enter the New Zealand mine due to high level of lethal gases. The preparation to send a robot inside the coal mine was said to be a full scale rescue effort to determine the men’s fate.

According to reports, the robot was provided by the Ministry of Defence which will carry a camera into the mine. It will initially be sent in when the air clears with any lethal gas since the robot can only operate in fresh air. It was also said that the robot with camera was especially fitted so not to create a potentially deadly spark when it goes underground.

Family members however, expressed their frustration with the slow response of New Zealand officials.

“Everybody’s frustrated, everybody’s upset,” said Laurie Drew, whose 21-year-old son, Zen Wodin Drew, is among the missing miners. “I have my moments I can keep it together but deep down my heart’s bleeding like everybody else’s.” she added.

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