New Zealand helicopter crash: Blades hit cables while installing Christmas tree, pilot unhurt (Video)

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A helicopter crash occurred on Wednesday, November 23, 2011, in New Zealand, while installing a Christmas tree, as shown in the video below. The pilot, named Greg Gribble, had a miracle escape and was not hurt.

Helicopter, crashing in New Zealand
Image Credit: TVNZ

As noted at New Zealand reports that day, the incident happened in Auckland’s waterfront, while the helicopter pilot is installing a seven-storey, fiber optic Telecom Christmas tree in Te Wero Island.

Apparently, the helicopter blades appeared to have caught in cables attached to scaffolding and crashed within split seconds, while Gribble was tossed around the cabin of the aircraft.

TVNZ, a local TV station, was filming the installation of the Christmas tree, which was around 10:30 a.m., and the pilot was inside the helicopter until it touches the ground, which is about 5 meters below.

According to New Zealand Herald, the helicopter suddenly tipped over and spectators and workers ran for cover while pilot Gribble was inside, but later walked away without any major injury.

As noted in the report, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is now investigating the incident and CAA safety investigator Steve Walker started to look at the debris of the helicopter and its video footage.

Meanwhile, Greg Gribble, who runs family business Helisika Helicopters and is in his mid 50s, was noted to be flying for about 20 years. Nevertheless, he was said to be very lucky to be alive after the crash.

New Zealand helicopter crash, while installing Christmas tree
Video Credit: Scottish4evr/TVNZ/YouTube

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