New York University Professor Wafaa Bilal Gets Camera Implanted In Head For Arts’ Sake

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For arts’ sake, New York University arts professor Wafaa Bilal got the back of his head implanted with a small digital camera, several international news sites reported on Wednesday.

The 3rd Eye of Wafaa Bilal
AP Photo/courtesy of Wafaa Bilal, Bard Farwell

The camera is 3 inches in diameter and less than an inch thick. It will capture a photograph every minute for one year. The photographs will be transmitted to monitors at a museum. The art professor chose to have the camera at the back of his head as an allegorical statement on what we don’t see behind.

The project is known as “The 3rd I”, which is commissioned by the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar for its December 30 opening. It is just one of the 23 contemporary works commissioned by the museum for its grand opening.

The 3rd I builds on my previous body of work in combining various art forms, such as performance art, digital art, body art and photography, into a unique conceptual piece expressed in my own unique artistic language,” Bilal was quoted saying.

“He doesn’t have to alter his lifestyle or what he does. In principal, he’s moving on with his life. It will be a three-dimensional, real space-and-time experience,” museum curator Sam Bardaouil said.

According to reports, the implantation was done in the United States. However, Bilal did not want to reveal more details until he recovered. Everything “will be revealed to the public as part of the museum preview on Dec. 15,” Bilal was quoted saying. Its official website, will be launched on the same date.

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