New SunChips Bag Rolled Out After Consumers Complained of its Noise

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SunChips bags are now quieter after Frito-Lay Inc. began rolling out a new compostable bag design to address the complaints about the initial bags being noisier, several international news sites reported on Thursday. The bag’s noise was compared to a “revving motorcycle” and a “glass breaking” which registered roughly 80 to 85 decibels.

SunChips Bag
SunChips Bags
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The new SunChips bag design was said to dampen the noise to about 70 decibels, on par with the noise level of other similar snack bags. According to reports, the company used a different adhesive to seal the two layers of bag – one which protects the food inside and one which carries the labels and logo outside. By using a different adhesive, a sort of noise barrier was said to be created.

“The adhesive now acts very much like a shock absorber in a car. It’s able to absorb a lot of the noise that was created in the first generation,” Chris Kuechenmeister, Frito-Lay spokesman was quoted saying.

Frito-Lay hopes that this new SunChips bag will satisfy consumers who complained last year when the company rolled out the “green” noisier bag.

“We’re telling consumers: ‘Hey, we heard you the first time. We worked hard to try to address what your feedback was. Let us know how we’re doing.’ The consumer voice is always going to play a role in how this evolves,” Kuechenmeister added.

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