New Southwest fee: Southwest Airlines to impose ‘no-show’ fee to passengers in 2013, some fees to increase

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Southwest Airlines is being set to impose new fees to its passengers, as part of its strategy to increase revenue. This new Southwest fee scheme, which will be implemented sometime next year, 2013, includes a “no-show” fee to passengers, payment for a third bag, and those who will early check-in.

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Southwest Airlines logo
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As featured in their live webcast noted at its official media website on Friday, December 14, 2012, Southwest Airlines had its 2012 Investor Day, where among the speakers include Southwest President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board Gary Kelly, and Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Robert “Bob” Jordan.

“I’ve got several things that I want to announce this morning. First, we are increasing our current ancillary fees. That includes AirTran fees, Southwest third bag and overweight bag fees, our Early Bird charge, and a number of other fees.” Bob Jordan was quoted in his speech, noting that the new fees will take effect in the first quarter of 2013.

“Second, building on a success of our revamp and very popular boarding process and our very popular Business Select and Early Bird products, we are testing a new revenue stream enabled by selling open and premium boarding positions.” Jordan added, who is also the President of AirTran Airways.

“And finally, we have made the decision to tighten the flexibility around our most restrictive tickets. Specifically, we will implement a no-show fee for reuse of funds associated with restrictive tickets that are not flown and not cancelled by our passengers prior to flights.” Jordan explained further.

As noted by the airline executives, the third bag and for overweight or oversize bags will rise to $75 from $50, while the “early bird” check-in fee will increase from $10.00 to to $12.50. The outline for the fee to passengers who will fail to cancel a restricted ticket before missing a flight will be announced later.

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