New Skype ads ‘It’s Time for Skype’ slam Facebook and Twitter (Photo)

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A set of new Skype ads was released online, along with their $12-million ‘It’s Time for Skype‘ campaign, and are slamming their competitors Facebook and Twitter. Some of them are shown in the photos below.

‘It’s Time for Skype’ ad
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According to Ad Week on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, the seven new Skype ads, were done by San Francisco-based Pereira & O’Dell and seen in UK transportation hubs such as in Heathrow Airport on Monday, which will be released in the US in the coming months.

As noted in the report, the US release of Skype’s new ads will come along with an app on Skype‘s official Facebook page, which will allow fans to create their own “Humoticon“, or a photo of themselves expressing a human emotion that can be shared with their network.

Incidentally, a new Skype website has been launched recently which has a tagline “Welcome Back to Humanity” and bears the link to the features of Skype such as Video calling, Group video calling, Screen sharing, Instant messaging, Unlimited calling and Mobile calling.

Apparently, some of the new Skype ads blatantly mentioned features of Facebook and Twitter, which suggest that these social networking sites are not “pro-humanity”, with the phrases from their new ads can be read below.

“Upgrade From A Wall Post To A First Class Conversation”

“140 Characters Doesn’t Equal Staying In Touch”

“When Did It Become Okay To Text Mum Happy Birthday?”

“Your One-Way Ticket Back To Humanity”

“When Did LOL Replace The Sound Of Laughter”

“Humans Were Made To Look Listen And Feel”

“No Delays On Human Conversation”

‘It’s Time for Skype’ ad
Image Credit: Skype

‘It’s Time for Skype’ ad
Image Credit: Skype

‘It’s Time for Skype’ ad
Image Credit: Skype

‘It’s Time for Skype’ ad
Image Credit: Skype

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