New possible evidence for missing girl Zahra Baker found by North Carolina police

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A new possible evidence for the 10-year old missing girl, Zahra Baker, was found by North Carolina police, as published on international news sites on Thursday.

According to reports, the North Carolina police said they have found new evidence in search for the missing Australian girl, Zahra Baker, who was reported to them missing since October 9.

Although authorities have not described what they found, but it was believed to be human remains, since they were convinced that the poor girl is already dead.

The new possible evidence may finally solve this mystery was found on Wednesday by the team of 40 investigators.

A medical examiner accompanied them as they searched the waters on what they call as Gunpowder Creek in Caldwell County.

The said material was immediately sent to the laboratory of North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation for further analysis.

Adam Baker, Zahra’s father reported the incident but local police do not seem be believe him due to some suspicious circumstances or possible foul play.

Earlier, Elisa Baker, Zahra‘s stepmother was jailed for obstruction of justice, as investigators say she admitted writing a fake ransom note.

It was found at the scene of a fire in the family’s backyard when Zahra was reported as missing.

Zahra Baker, a bone cancer survivor, in which a part of her left leg has been amputated, transferred from Townsville, in Queensland, to North Carolina, along with his father.

Meanwhile, police said they have proven that the prosthetic limb they found on Tuesday some kilometers away from the family’s residence belongs to Zahra.

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