New Lionel Richie “Hello” Vimeo MTV with movie clips goes viral (Video)

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A Lionel Richie “Hello” MTV that was recreated about 4 days ago, in which famous movie clips were added is now going viral, with the video shown below.

According to the description on the video, which was uploaded at Vimeo, it was made by someone named Matthijs Vlot (username ant1mat3rie) and also appeared at, a Dutch website.

Apparently, Vlot took snippets of dialogue from several dozen movies to make the movies sing Lionel Richie‘s 80s hit “Hello“, as replacement for the original voice but with the same lyrics, with the “music video” now appearing in various British sites and even in Gawker.

Interestingly, among the over 40 Hollywood movies that were edited and included in the music video includes James Bond, Total Recall, Taxi Driver, Back to the Future, Matrix, Schindler’s List, Avatar, and many more.

Among the stars featured in the video includes Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, Kevin Spacey, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Ken and Barbie, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone in the 1990 movie “Total Recall“.

Lionel Richie “Hello” with movie clips
Image Credit: Matthijs Vlot (username ant1mat3rie)/Vimeo

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