New Kid quits mid-show, Jonathan Knight leaves NKOTB members on stage, apologizes later (Video)

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A New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) member quits mid-show on Thursday, April 4, 2013, leaving his band mates on stage, as shown in the video below. The incident happened on their concert at iHeartRadio in New York, and Jonathan Knight later apologized for his actions.

New Kids on the Block Today show

New Kids on the Block, performing on NBC’s
Today show

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Jonathan, 44, can be seen somehow uncomfortable during that night’s show, while performing live on stage with fellow New Kids on the Block members Jordan Knight, 42, Joey McIntyre, 40, Donnie Wahlberg, 43, and Danny Wood, 43. The 80/90s band was then singing their old songs, as well as their new ones.

However, around 20 minutes later during the concert, it was time for Jonathan to sing his part in of their new songs titled ballad, “Survive You,” from their latest album, ’10.’ Donnie Wahlberg told Jordan to pull his older brother in the middle so he can start singing solo.

Jon, these people paid thousands of dollars for these tickets, for one reason. They heard that you [were] singin’ on this record. That lady in the front, she said, ‘Look at me, I turned in my kids’ college fund to be here to watch Jon sing.'” Donnie told Jonathan jokingly.

Jonathan can be seen laughing but was totally uncomfortable and shook his head, and left the stage as his fellow members look on. The camera focused on him for awhile, while the remaining four members continued to sing. They told the fans that Jonathan will be back but he never did until the end of the show.

On Friday, April 5, Jonathan Knight (@JonathanRKnight) tweeted, “I’m sorry……” but did not explain why he left the show. Back in 2000, he told Oprah Winfrey in an emotional interview that he sometimes suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, since his early career with New Kids On The Block.

Nevertheless, Jonathan seems to be fine now since he was seen performing “We Own Tonight” with the rest of the band on NBC‘s Today show, also on Friday. The New Kids on the Block is being set to perform next this Sunday at Sutter Home Winery in Saint Helena, California.

New Kids on the Block show at iHeartRadio (Jonathan Knight starts to leave at around 27:00 mark)
Video Credit: lorifredericks/YouTube

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